What are the payment methods that Sribulancer provides?

Sribulancer provides payment methods through Paypal, Visa, Master Card, and Bank Transfer via Mandiri and BCA for client. As for Freelancer, Sribulancer will do the payment through bank transfer via Mandiri and BCA. In you have any question about payment method, Please contact our team through email [email protected] or call us at 0804-1177888

How to do payment request?

If you wish to ask for payment, then you have to make your payment request through the closed workspace page. By clicking the payment request button which located at the right side of page, then you will immediately receive your payment to your account that you have set on How to Get Paid page. Payment … Continue Reading »

Will I really get paid after the job in workspace is done?

Of course. Sribulancer secure the payment for freelancer by making sure the client had made a payment to Sribulancer first before you can start your job. Once your job is done and the client had closed their job, then Sribulancer team will give the payment from client to the freelancer. To get your payment you … Continue Reading »

What kind of fee does Sribulancer charge to freelancers?

There is no fee to be a freelancer at Sribulancer. but the freelancer will get a 10% reduction (Sribulancer fee) for every finished job. If you have finished a job worth IDR 3.000.000, then you will get 10% reduction of IDR 3.000.000 (IDR 300.000). Thus, you will receive IDR 2.700.000 from your finished job.   … Continue Reading »

How does Sribulancer work?

Sribulancer is an online marketplace that helps businesses to find quality workers and freelancers smart and fast. If you are a client (business owner), you can post a job via posting job page.   After clicking on the “Post Job” button, you will be directed to the post job page where you need to fill … Continue Reading »

Why should I use Sribulancer?

We recommend you to use Sribulancer as a client because: – Sribulancer has more than 12.000 quality workers and has served more than 1.000+ clients. – Find and select workers that apply to your job easily and efficiently through our platform. Everything is done online! – Chat with the workers that we like before hiring them. … Continue Reading »

Can Sribulancer be trusted?

Sribulancer is a trusted online platform to find freelancers and to find jobs by law and certified legally. As of December 2014, Sribulacer has worked with 500 registered clients and the number of registered freelancers is at 10.000 qualified workers. Sribulancer is an entity that holds: 1. Certificate of Incorporation from Minister of Law & HAM 2. License of SIUP … Continue Reading »