How does Sribulancer work?

Sribulancer is an online marketplace that helps businesses to find quality workers and freelancers smart and fast. If you are a client (business owner), you can post a job via posting job page.

Anda bisa langsung memasang Job dengan mengklik tombol merah bertuliskan "Pasang Job"


After clicking on the “Post Job” button, you will be directed to the post job page where you need to fill in the detailed information about what kind of work that needs to be done. We accomodate more than 100+ job categories in Sribulancer.

client - job detail


After filling the detail of the form, you can click on the button ‘Review My Job’.

Klik tombol merah bertuliskan "Review Job" untuk meneruskan proses pemasangan Job di Sribulancer


After clicking on the button, you can see the detail of the job that you have just created before finalizing it.

review job2


After clicking ‘Submit Job’ button, you will be directed to the the registration form. If you have registered before, you can click on the ‘login’ link and proceed to login using your account.

client info


After you have submitted your job, Sribulancer team will review the job first within 1 x 24 hour before we approve it. Once approved, you will receive an email notification that the job has been approved and can be seen in our ‘Browse Jobs‘ section.

halaman lowongan kerja

You can check on the number of applicants via your posted job section by clicking on the tab ‘Posted Jobs’.

to look applicants

to hire from applicants list


After hiring the worker, you will get an invoice that you have to pay first. The invoice will also be sent to your email. After you have paid to Sribulancer, we will hold your payment and approve your job order. You can start working with the worker via our ‘Workspace’. You can read our faq about ‘What if I am not happy with the freelancer’s work?’

dashboard client-to open workspace


workspace from client


If you register as a freelancer/worker, once you have verified your Sribulancer account, you need to update your profile completely before applying to the open jobs or creating a new service.

to complete profile as freelancer

complete profile freelancer


You can check on the current openings via ‘Browse Jobs‘ section. You can browse freelancing jobs or full time jobs.

to look for job

freelancer - look for job2

to apply job

to upload file for applying job


Once you have applied, you will receive an email notification. Typically it will take some time for clients to review the applicants. When you are hired by the client, you will receive an email notification and can start working with the client via our ‘Workspace’ section. You can chat and upload files in Workspace.

to workspace



Once you have completed the work assigned by the client, client will need to click on the ‘Close Job’ button. After that both the client and you will need to provide feedback and ratings regarding each other’s performance. Be genuine about it. Once client has closed the job, you as a freelancer can request for a payout. We will transfer the payment to you every wednesday.

to finish job

Voila! Work has been completed and you are entitled for the payment!


If you have any questions regarding how Sribulancer works, you can contact us through email [email protected] or by phone call at 0804-1177888.

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