How to recruit a freelancer?

Through Sribulancer, client will be able to find various professional freelancers of different category. After posting a job in Sribulancer, you can access the dashboard page and click on the tab ‘Posted Jobs’ to see the list of jobs that you created in Sribulancer.

id recruitment1


After that, you can check on the number of freelancers that have applied to your posted job in Sribulancer. You can check the applicants details by clicking on the number of proposals that you have received as shown below.

id recruitment2


You can check all the proposals that you have received and match the skills that you input in the posted job with the skills that they freelancers have. Freelancers that match your required skills are most likely the ones that you want to hire.

matching skill


If you want to check the history of the freelancer, you can click on the ‘See the full profile of the freelancer’.

profile lengkap

Once you have found the freelancer that you want to hire, you can click on the ‘Hire this Freelancer’ and proceed on to the payment process.

Klik tombol 'Rekrut Freelancer' jika Anda sudah yakin untuk merekrut Freelancer yang Anda pilih

If you have any questions about how to hire a freelancer in Sribulancer, you can contact us through email [email protected] or by phone call at 0804-1177888.


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