How to register as a Client?

If you are a business owner who needs a freelancer or a full-time worker to finish a job or project, You can immediately register as a client in Sribulancer by doing these simple things:

1. Go to Sribulancer’s website, click the ‘Client’ tab on the centre part of page’s header.

sribulancer home-regis

Click the Client tab and then click register as a Client.


2. On registration page, you can complete your profile at the provided place.

sribulancer regis as client form

Fill in the data on the provided fields.

3. After you fill in your profile, you can click the red button to finish the registration process

sribulancer regis as client form-regis

Click the ‘Register’ button to complete the registration process. To read the terms and conditions, Client rules, and privacy policy, you can click the link above the ‘Register’ button.


Congratulation! now you’re officially a Client in Sribulancer and you can immediately post your job!


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